Friday, January 25, 2008

Catch up: Indoor gardening

It’s winter and my garden really isn’t that inviting, but check out my terrariums! More and more gardeners are capturing nature in miniature and under glass.

Bring the outdoors in with miniature gardens
Now’s the time to try three classic indoor gardening projects: terrariums, topiaries and bonsai.

An inside job on terrariums
Los Angeles Times - CA,USA
A new generation of designers is reinventing the mini-garden, and devotees are lining up.,1,2981593.story?ctrack=7&cset=true

Mini plants, major care
Mini plants, major care
Los Angeles Times - CA,USA
How should tend your terrarium? With anything from a heart surgeon's tweezers and surgical scissors to tools found in your kitchen drawer.,1,2568933.story?ctrack=5&cset=true

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