Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Prison Break at the Botanical Garden

How can anyone seriously think that a botanical garden isn’t the perfect setting for action-packed drama? After all, gardens are pretty thrilling places. Gardeners know that and so do viewers of the hit Fox network drama, Prison Break.

In this episode, Michael Scofield has to make a stop at the Blanding Botanical Gardens. He checks the prison tattoo on the back of his right elbow and a tourist map of the gardens and goes looking for ….

Check out Episode 209 of Prison Break that aired on 10/30/2006 and find out what Michael Scofield was looking for at the Blanding Botanical Gardens.

(Back story: Scofield committed a crime so he would get sent to Fox River State Penitentiary -- where his brother Lincoln Burrows is on death row -- and stages the ultimate Prison Break to free his brother and assorted others. Now they’re on the run.)

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