Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Julia Child's a Winner

The All-American Rose Selections for 2006

It’s time to start thinking about where to plant these winning beauties in your rose garden next year, including Julia Child (WEKvossutono), a butter-gold (naturally) floribunda with a sweet licorice perfume that was personally chosen by the legendary chef herself.

Other winners (left to right):
Tahitian Sunset
Rainbow Sorbet (BAIprez) (Floribunda)
Wild Blue Yonder (WEKisoblip) (Grandiflora)

(All photos courtesy of All America Selections)

All-America Rose Selections is a nonprofit association dedicated to introducing and promoting exceptional roses. AARS winning roses are judged on 15 key gardening characteristics including disease resistance, hardiness, color, form, flowering effect, fragrance, vigor and novelty. Winners must perform exceptionally well over a two-year period in 20 test gardens throughout the United States.

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